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 Otvoreno pismo za Cesara Milana

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Registration date : 2008-01-21

KomentarNaslov komentara: Otvoreno pismo za Cesara Milana    Mon Jan 09, 2012 1:21 am

Dear Cesar,
I'm sure you've seen a lot of emails from desperate people who seek your help, but I'm also sure that you have never seen an email where more than 1,000 people asks for help. We need your help to save our dogs from discrimination, harassment, killing and degradation. We sincerely hope you find the time and after reading this email, you may do something that no one has not been done in this world, help people across the world in the name of for dogs.My name is Sandra, I live in Belgrade - Serbia, and I am proud owner of American Staffordshire Terrier, and as I have already written, I am writing in the name of 1000 pit bulls, staffords, bull terriers, mixed terriers etc. owners. Im the voice of us all. We all are voice of our dogs. And we desperately need your help or at least some kind of assistance. In recent years, here is a large dog breeds discrimination by the government starting with the classification of names as "dangerous dogs" Today in Belgrade as well as the greater part of the state, if you are the owner of a "dangerous dog", you are exposed daily discrimination from the people and government for their ignorance, misconceptions etc.. things like that can lead you to the edge of despair, because you can not walk the dog as any dog owner who is not characterized by the law as "dangerous." Our dogs must be tied to short leash and muzzled. We cant let them run free. They cant even walk "free" as every dog which nick name is not "dangerous dog" And we accepted this law without a word, respecting all points of law, only to have the freedom to hold breeds we love. Until now.. Now, the government passed a law - that every owner of "dangerous dog" must pay taxes on an annual basis. And most of "dangerous dogs" owners cant afford that. You have to understand that people here has monthly salary same as tax price..Considering that we are familiar with problems in other countries as well as in the whole world, we know that this law is the law prior to last law a total ban on keeping "dangerous dogs." So, we decided to fight against discrimination, harassment and ignorance. We, All owners of dangerous dogs (with the support of owners of other breeds) are joined as one and we decided to fight for the rights of our dogs and their right to LIVE. We organized a peaceful protest,we are collect signatures on a petition ( our dogs no longer be stigmatized as dangerous and that the law Assimilate all breeds the same), every day we get some support from every part of world. You, as the man who best knows the nature of "dangerous dogs" and the owners, You can do the most- to make our voices and the voices of our dogs being Heard.Perhaps you could come and visit our country as an ambassador of the truth, "dangerous breeds" ambassador or as i love to think about You as an ambassador of LOVE. You could give a lecture and explain to all people, the government, to all those who for some reason hate our breeds, why
they should NOT hate our dogs and us as owners. Just spread the truth..
Our voices are not enough, and we need You help us to stop BSL in
Serbia. To save our breeds. To save innocent life's. We are aware that
you are very busy, that many people ask you to help, so, maybe you can
make a video with message for our government, explain why we should not
be discriminated, why our breeds deserve to have "normal" life as every
breed in country. That there is no BAD dog, only BAD owner.
Anyway im sure that You could say many things about Pit bulls, American
Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, mixed terriers. Once you said,
after Daddy died.. that Your mission is spread the word..
We all, we beg you to help.

here is the link of our facebook group ( owners of "dangerous breeds" unite)

Sandra Pellarini - Belgrade, Serbia

Maja Zdravkovic - Nis
Emilija Radosavljevic- Nis
Maja Djordjevic - Nis
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Ivana Stefanovic - Beograd
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Sasa Sovilj - Daruvar
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Tatjana Galic - Zetovic - Zajecar
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Vladislav Marjanovic
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Stefan Nikolic - Beograd
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Danilo Novotni - Beograd
Antonia Kucan - Beograd
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Martin Perovic - Beograd

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Ana Ilic - Beograd
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Vanja Smudja - Sid
Vasilj Smudja- Sid
Vladimir Smudja - Sid
Marija Smudja- Sid
Bojan Pokrajac - Zemun
Milan Jovanovic - Zemun
Ognjeen Tomic- Zemun
Jovana Tomic- Zemun
Vladimir Vukosavljevic- Indjidja

Dragan Filipovic - Indjija
Petar Filipovic - Indjija
Mirjana Jovanov - Indjija
Darko Dragojevic - Obrenovac
Milan Brzanac - Erdevik
Natasa Brzanac - Erdevik
Djordje Brzanac - Erdevik
Borko Novic- Novi Sad

Nina Sladakovic- Novic - Novi Sad
Biljana Novic - Novi Sad
Marko Novic - Novi Sad
Kristina Novic- Novi Sad
Branko Novic- Novi Sad
Aurelija Novic - Novi Sad
Zoran Novic- Novi Sad
Ilija Zdinjak - Sid

Marija Jovanovic - Sokobanja
Damir Radakovic - Novi Sad
Dragan Vujadinovic - Beograd
Dusko Goluskokovic - Rakovica
Nikola Goluskokovic - Rakovica
Gordana Jovic - Rakovia
Zlatan Samardzic - Beograd
Milos Colic - Nis

Milan Dubaic - Apatin
Danijela Mladenovic
Djordje Tomic - Sid
Slavko Crnogorcevic - Sid
Dusan Nikolic - Krusevac
Vuk Kojicic - Krusevac
Dejan Petrovic- Krusevac
Violeta Petkovic - Krusevac
Ivana Bogicevic - Krusevac

Bratislav Arsic - Krusevac
Radmila Nikolic- Krusevac
Nada Jovicic
Milos Jovicic - Beograd
Dusanka Milovanovic - Beograd
Srdjan Zikic - Beograd
Marko Djordjevic - Vladicin Han
Sanda Milinkovic - Beograd

Dijana Sos - Novi Sad
Goran Smidt - Turija
Ljiljana Smidt - Turija
Nikola Karapandzic
Vuk Radulovic
Milan Mirkovic - Sabac
Milos Petrovic
Marija Curcic
Dusan Nemcev - Novi Sad
Jelena Nemcev - Novi Sad

Stefan Nemcev - Novi Sad
Aleksandar Filipovic - Beograd
Ranko Jankovic - Beograd
Veljko Radosevic Beograd
Ivana Maksin Beograd
Vladim Maksin - Beograd
Dragan Ilic - Beograd
Nedeljko Ilic - Beograd

Davor Sorda - Osijek, Croatia
Luka Jojicc - Indjija
Oliver Radanovic - Nis
Milos Ignjatovic - Paracin
Edita Kozlik- Novi Sad
Aleksandra Petrovic
Aleksandar Lazarevic - Valjevo
Djorjde Milivojevic - Obrenovac

Uros Radosavljevic
Leana Sibic - Pula, Croatia
Ervin Sibic- Pula, Croatia
Atif Sibic - Pula Croatia
Jozic Petar - Pula, Croatia
Nebojsa Stankovic
Oliver Krdjic
Darko Bilic
Pavle Ergelasev - Srbobran

Sandra Pisar - Novi Sad
Aleksandar Novakovic - Kac
Ivan Mladenovic- Beograd
Jelena Mladenovic - Beograd
Danijela Stojkovic - Beograd
Borislava Kovacevic - Sid
Branislav Urosevic - Kac
Zeljka Urosevic - Kac

Nikola Bursac - Apatin
Dusanka Vidovic - Novi Sad
Vesna Vidovic - Novi Sad
Zoran Vidovic- Novi Sad
Nebojsa Krstajic - Beograd
Ljubisa Mladenovic - Beograd
Branko Nikolic- Beograd
Zoran Djeric - Beograd

Maja Zdravkovic - Nis
Natalija Zeljic - Beograd
Branislav Zeljic- Beograd.
Svetlana Milovic , Beograd
Mladen Milovic, Beograd
Aleksandar Lazarevic , Valjevo

Magdalena Banduka, Beograd
Anamarija Verzotti , Novi Sad

Nikola Palancanin, Beograd

Marija Zec ,Beograd

Nikola Zec Beograd
Maja Ristic Beograd

Marko Ristic, Beograd

Aleksandra Petkovic, Novi Sad

Edita Kozlik ,Novi

Katarina Todorovic , Nis

Ema Radusinovic, Beograd

Nemanja Banovic, Beograd

. Stefanovic Snezana Beograd

. Stefanovic Aleksa, Beograd

. Stefanovic Ivana, Beograd

. ‎Goran Petrovic, Beograd

. Sanja Stankovic, Beograd

Momcilo petrovic, Beograd

.Nenad Vucetic, Beograd

.Lazic Dragan, Beograd

. Milojevic Milos ,Beograd

Sekic Petar, Beograd

. Ljiljana Manojlovic, Apatin

Marko Strbac, Beograd

Marija Strbac, Beograd

. Nebojsa Stankovic,Beograd

. Boban Stanic, Apatin

Vladimir Lerman, Apatin

Milos Kukic, Apatin

. Milos Radmanovic, Apatin

Nebojsa Bozanin, Beograd

. Hana Poznanovic,Beograd

. Nikola Gligorijevic, Beograd

. Popovic Dragana ,Pancevo

. Djordje Belusevic ,Valjevo

.Zoran Obradovic,Pancevo

. Vladimir Čanji - Beograd

Jovan Čanji - Beograd

Ivana Arsic, Krusevac

Vlada Aleksandrov, Beograd

. Maja Trumic Beograd

Aleksandar Vuletic Valjevo

. Tijana Tanaskovic Valjevo

. Milena Golubovic Valjevo

. Milivoje Miletic Valjevo

Dragana Davidovic Valjevo

Vlada Petrovic-Krusevac

.Ivan Stokic Beograd

. ‎Igor Aleksandrov Beograd

. Zoran Zivkovic Beograd

. Ivana







. IVAN ARSIC Krusevac

Borislav Rokvic Beograd

Šarić Ranko Beograd

. Tanja blanusa Beograd

. sanja blanusa Beograd

. vladimir bajic Beograd

. ivana bajic Beograd

. draginja bajic Beograd

peterlic mladen zagreb

. peterlic jelena zagreb

. peterlic radojka zagreb

Valentina Obradovic Pancevo

.Igor Obradovic Pancevo

.Nikola Obradovic Pancevo

.Sandra Milinkovic Beograd

.Ljiljana Bedov Beograd

. Nataša KoraĆ Sremska Mitrovica

.Jelna Lazovic Kragujevac

.Aleksandar Lazovic Kragujevac

Nada Petrovic Beograd

. Zeljko Petrovic Beograd

. Darko Gojkovic Valjevo

Nikola Stankovic Valjevo
. Sasa Rulic Valjevo

Slobodan Zivanovic Valjevo

Miloš Davidović, Novi Sad

Petar Davidović - Novi Sad

. Nenad Ikanovic-Bor

Predrag Mićić - Zemun

marko djordjevic,Beograd


.Nikola Veljkovic Lapovo

. Dijana Šoš,Novi Sad

Sreten Srele Anicic Beocin

.Dragan Milosevic Valjevo

Milan Rackov Zrenjanin

. Zoran Vladul Debeljaca

. Nemanja Jevtovic-Gornji Milanovac

. ‎Slobodan Boba Shintai Pancevo

Dejan Milanovic Pancevo

Kristina Colic, Beograd

. Djordje Colic, Beograd

. Jasmina Kuzmanovic Belgrade

. Kata Kuzmanovic Belgrade

. Milic randjelovic MLADENOVAC

. Veljko Randjelovic MLADENOVAC

. sreten zdravkovic smederev

. Svjetlana Đurđić - Pale

. Igor Praizovic ‎-Beograd

Marko Pavlovic Beograd

Nenad Pavlovic Beograd

. Milica Pavlovic Beograd

Pavle Pavlovic Beograd

. Marko
Ilic Krusevac

.nemanja miladinovic smederevo

. vladan vukovic smederevo

Sremska Kamenica

. Bozinovic Nikola Knjazevac

. Bozickovic Bogdanka Sremska Mitrovica

. Jovana Lola
‎- Beograd

. Igor Vukelic-Krusevac

Miodrag Blecic Kraljevo

Irina Grbic Sukara, Beograd

. Igor Sukara Beograd

Vukasin Sukara Beograd

. Zoran Žeravica, - Novi Sad

Filip Galić Novi Sad

. Miroslav Grnja Novi Sad

Aleksandar Filipović Beograd

Cedomir Jelesijevic Cacak

. Dusan Nemcev, Novi Sad

. Jelena Nemcev, Novi Sad

. Stefan Nemcev, Novi Sad

Pincolić Zoran, Novi Sad

MirjanaPincolić, Novi Sad

LukaPincolić, Novi Sad

. DavidPincolić, Novi Sad

Jelena Djordjevic Beograd

, Beograd

.Maja Zdravkovic Beograd

.Djordje Miljkovic Beograd

.Blagica Stevanovic Kragujevac

.Ljiljana Stevanovic Kragujevac

.Biljana Pantovic Kragujevac

.Savo Mitrovic Kragujevac

.Aleksandar Jocic Kragujevac

.Mitar Mitrovic Kragujevac

.Radisa Tasic Kragujevac

.Milos Ivanovic Kragujevac

.Milos Ivkovic Despotovac

.Milica Ilic Despotovac

.Marko Cosic Kragujevac

.Djurdje Jankovc Kragujevac

.Olivera Jankovic Kragujevac

.Goran Jankovic Kragujevac

.Emilija Milanovic Kragujevac

.Nemanja Petrovic Kragujevac

.Uros Petrovic Kragujevac

.Uros MIlenkovic Kragujevac

.Djordje Komatovic Kragujevac

.Tamara Milenkovic Kragujevac

.Jelena Komatovic Kragujevac

Sandra Stojanovic Kragujevac

.Sandra Staletovic Kragujevac

.Sofija Stevanovic Kragujevac

.Aleksandra Milutinovic Kragujevac

.Aleksandar Milic Kragujevac

.Misel Djordjevic Cuprija

.David Stevanovic Jagodina

.Nikola Jovanovic Kragujevac

.Maja Jarcevic Kragujevac

Jelena Milivojevic
Milica Jankovic
Vladimir Stojanovski - Beograd

Petar Riđički, Novi Sad
Martina Milenkovic - Pancevo
Danilo Radic, - Beograd

Ana Simeunovic, - Beograd
Milica Djurdjevic, - Beograd

Radojka Djurdjevic, - Beograd
Mladenka Colic, - Beograd
Marko Stevanovic, - Beograd
Zorica Milosevic, - Beograd

Olja Gavrilovic,- Beograd
Dragana Neskovic, -Zemun
Boban Neskovic, Zemun
Marija Neskovic, Zemun
Igor Neskovic, Zemun
Nikola Tasic, Zemun
Jadranka Maric Zemun
Boba Glisic, - Beograd
Ivana Reljic, Beograd

Dragan Milosevic, Beograd
Jelena Savic, Beograd
Svetlana Djokic, Beograd
Ivana Aleksic, Beograd
Sasa Pepic, Beograd
Olja Andjelkovic,
Dragan Gorgioski,
Dejan Denic,
Aleksandar Milenkovic,
Alex Foka,
Vladimir Bulatovic,
Daliborka Kefer,
Darko Stefanovski,
Don Nikolaj,
Pesic Dragan ,
Jokic Jovan,
Krstic Goran
Marjan Todorov
Ranko Jankovic.
Sasa Ilic,
Tomanovic Jasna,V
Anja Boskovic,
Vladimir Mitrovic,
Andrea Iliev
Ivan Bulatovic,
Jovan Cvetkovic
Goran Mitic Zlatni Lav,
Dejan Naisus,
Zlatko Ramzo Ramac ,
Sandor Latak,
Ana Pavlovic.
Jokic Jovan,
Snezana Djordjevic,

Vlada Filipovic,
Bojan Vukotic-Vule,
Marjan Petrovski
Danka Dubajic, - Sremska Kamenica
Laslo Dubajic, - Sremska Kamenica
Teodora Bosic, - Sremska Kamenica
Branko Bosic - Sremska Kamenica
Rada Rubezic Calov,- Herceg Novi - Montenegro

Natasa Despotovic
Janjic Ivko, - Sabac
Janjic Ivana, - Sabac
Dejan Savic, - Sabac
Janjic Ilija - Sabac
Dragan Krivosija - INDJIJA (last 5 of them requested to
be written: we are all friends and family and we love your work)

Tea Stupar - Beograd
Nikola Veljkovic,
Slobodan Veljkovic,
Snezana Veljkovic,
Gordana Veljkovic,
Biljana Petrovic,
Branislav Petrovic,
Vukica Petrovic,
Zlatan Petrovic
Mustafa Potokovic
Armin Potokovic

Kenan Potokovic
Vahid Potokovic
Samir Potokovic
Kemal Potokovic
Emir Potokovic
Gordana Djuric,
Momcilo Djuric,
Nemanja Djuric,
Natasa Ilic ex Momcilovic,
Vlastimir Ilic,
Nevena Ilic,
Bane Milojevic,
Nikola Veljkovic,
Snezana Veljkovic,
Gordana Veljkovic,
Biljana Petrovic,
Branislav Petrovic,
Vukica Petrovic,
Zlatan Petrovic,
Aleksandar Pejcinovic,
Ivana MIhajlovic,

Sanja MIlosevic,
Nikola Stojicevic,
Nevena Stojanovic,
Branka Jaramazovic
Bojan Mihajlovic - Beograd
Miloš i Petar Davidović - Novi Sad
Sezana Filipović, Bojana Buljić, Nataša Knežević - Novi Sad

Filip Galić, Zoran Žeravica, Miroslav Grnja - Novi Sad
Nevena i Predrag Sušić - Sombor
Dušan Kažić - Beograd
Snežana Vuletić - Bačka Palanka
Marija Vidović, - Novi Sad
Dušica Vidović, Novi Sad
Dušanka Vidović, Novi Sad

Zoran Vidović, Novi Sad
Vesna Vidovic Novi Sad
Milica Buturovic
Rajko Buturovic
Nikola Buturovic
Dragan Buturovic
Andjelija Buturovic
Stanojević Milica, Pančevo,
Milan Rackov, Zrenjanin
Mirjana Lolic, Zrenjanin

Andjela Aleksic Kragujevac
Bojan Mihajlovic - Beograd
Katarina Todorovic - Nis
Ivan Stokic - Popovac
Peterlic Mladen - Zagreb, HR
Peterlic Jelena - Zagreb, HR
Peterlic Radojka - Zagreb, HR
Nataša Korac - Sremska Mitrovica
Darija Zazic
Nada Petrovic
Zeljko Petrovic
Zeljko Tesic - Vinkovci, HR
Sladjana Stojkovic - Nis
Nikola Veljakovic - Lapovo
Sreten Anicic - Beocin
‎Milan Rackov - Zrenjanin
Zoran Vladul - Debeljaca
Svjetlana Đurđić - Pale, BiH
Danka Dubajic - Sremska Kamenica
Bozinovic Nikola - Knjazevac
Bozickovic Bogdanka - Sremska
Cedomir Jelesijevic - Cacak
Ademi Ismet - Kičevo, Mk
Maja Zdravkovic
Antonio Mracevic - Podgorica
Lilian Stepic
Boban Vujic
Danijela Marinkovic
Ljuban Stanojcic
Zvonko Jovanovic
dr. Svetla Koleva - Varna, Bulgaria
Rumen Alexiev - Varna, Bulgaria
Marko Djordjevic - Nis
Emilija Radosavljevic
Nina Omrcen
Karolj Pajzer
Isa Popov
Goran Popov
Dorisa Popov
Lara Popov
Milica Buturovic
Nikola Buturovic
Rajko Buturovic
Andjelija Buturovic
Dragan Buturovic
Jasmina Filipovic
Zorica Filipovic
Kuzmanovic Milinko
Kuzmanovic Ivana
sladjana stojkovic - Nis
Dimitrije Miljkovic
Rada Rubezic - Carov, CG
Nikola Martinovic - Smederevo
Nevena Sušić - Sombor
Predrag Sušić - Sombor
Lilian Stepic - Veliko Gradiste
Sladjana Misic - Kraljevo
Renesan Rajić - Smederevska Palanka
Boban Vujic - Veliko Gradiste
Veljko Randjelovic -
Šević Borislav - Zrenjanin
Stanojević Milica - Pančevo
Marko Milosev - Zrenjanin
‎Nikola Gaborov - Zrenjanin
Goran Dragićević - Pančevo
Radomir Cilic - Trstenik
Miloš Janković - Požarevac
Nikola Palancanin - Beograd
Injac Ruža - Beograd
Mladen Milovic - Beograd
Aleksa Blagojevic - Beograd
Miloš Banduka - Beograd
Andrej Banduka - Beograd
Magdalena Banduka - Beograd
Nikola Palancanin - Beograd
Marija Zec - Beograd
Nikola Zec - Beograd
Maja Ristic - Beograd
Marko Ristic - Beograd
Ema Radusinovic - Beograd
Nemanja Banovic - Beograd
Stefanovic Snezana - Beograd
Stefanovic Aleksa - Beograd
Stefanovic Ivana - Beograd
Polimac Tatjana - Beograd
Polimac Zivko - Beograd
‎Goran Petrovic - Beograd
Sanja Stnkovic - Beograd
Momcilo Petrovic - Beograd
Nenad Vucetic - Beograd
Lazic Dragan - Beograd
Milojevic Milos - Beograd
Sekic Petar -
Marija Strbac - Beograd
Marko Strbac - Beograd
Vlada Aleksandrov - Beograd
Maja Trumic - Beograd
Igor Aleksandrov - Beograd
Zoran Zivkovic - Beograd
Šarić Ranko - Beograd
Tanja Blanusa - Beograd
Sanja Blanusa - Beograd
Vladimir Bajic - Beograd
Ivana Bajic - Beograd
Draginja Bajic - Beograd
Sanda Milinkovic - Beograd
Marko Djordjevic - Beograd
Kristina Colic - Beograd
Djordje Colic - Beograd
Jasmina Kuzmanovic - Beograd
Kata Kuzmanovic - Beograd
Igor Praizovic - ‎Beograd
Marko Pavlovic - Beograd
Pavle Pavlovic - Beograd
Nenad Pavlovic - Beograd
Marko Pavlovic - Beograd
Milica Pavlovic - Beograd
Jovana Pedovic - ‎ Beograd
Irina Grbic Sukara - Beograd
Igor Sukara - Beograd
Vukasin Sukara - Beograd
Aleksandar Pejčinović - Beograd
Djordje Miljkovic - Beograd
Cedomir Ilic - Beograd
Kovacevic Petar - Beograd
Nenad Stojanovic - Beograd
Petrovic - Beograd
Jasna Stajini - Beograd
Marija Dimitrijevic - Beograd
Ana Stepanovic - Beograd
Gordana Stepanovic - Beograd
Sanja Stepanovic - Beograd
Goran Stepanovic - Beograd
Zoran Stepanovic - Beograd
Olga Stepanovic - Beograd
Dragan Stepanovic - Beograd
Aleksandar Radivovevic - Beograd
Dragana Radivovevic - Beograd
Nikola Radivovevic - Beograd
Aleksandra Radivovevic - Beograd
Milos Radivovevic - Beograd
Gordana Zivkovic - Beograd
Bojan Zelen - Beograd
Iva Jovicic - Beograd
Stevo Jovicic - Beograd
Bojana Jovicic - Beograd
Ljubica Jovicic - Beograd
Ivan Jovicic - Beograd
Ivkovic Bojana - Beograd
Ivkovic Ivana - Beograd
Ivkovic Tamara - Beograd
Ivkovic Suzana - Beograd
Ivkovic Draga - Beograd
Goran Šmidt - Beograd
Ljiljana Šmidt - Beograd
Marija Najkic - Beograd
Milos Mitrovic - Beograd
Marko Milićević - Beograd
Dušan Milićević -
Dunja Adzic - Beograd
Danilo Radic - Beograd
Predrag Mićić - Beograd
Aleksandar Filipović - Beograd
Vladimir Čanji - Beograd
Jovan Čanji - Beograd
Anamarija Verzotti - Novi Sad
Edita Kozlik - Novi Sad
Sezana Filipović - Novi Sad
Dragana Lazarević - Novi Sad
Pincolić Zoran - Novi Sad
Pincolić Mirjana - Novi Sad
Pincolić Luka - Novi Sad
Pincolić David - Novi Sad
Dusan Nemcev - Novi Sad
Jelena Nemcev - Novi Sad
Stefan Nemcev - Novi Sad
Zoran Žeravica - Novi Sad
Filip Galić - Novi Sad
Miroslav Grnja - Novi Sad
Dijana Šoš - Novi Sad
Miloš Davidović - Novi Sad
Petar Davidović - Novi Sad
Nataša Knežević - Novi Sad
Aleksandar Lazarevic - Valjevo
Djordje Belusevic - Valjevo
Dragana Davidovic - Valjevo
Aleksandar Vuletic - Valjevo
Tijana Tanaskovic - Valjevo
Milena Golubovic - Valjevo
Milivoje Miletic - Valjevo
Darko Gojkovic -
Nikola Stankovic - Valjevo
Sasa Rulic - Valjevo
Slobodan Zivanovic - Valjevo
Dragan Milosevic - Valjevo
Dusan Belusevic - Valjevo
Mladen Jezdic - Valjevo
Marko Jezdic - Valjevo
Ljiljana Manojlovic - Apatin
Boban Stanic - Apatin
Vladimir Lerman - Apatin
Milos Kukic - Apatin
Milos Radmanovic - Apatin
Popovic Dragana - Pancevo
Zoran Obradovic - Pancevo
Obradovic Valentina - Pancevo
Obradovic Igor - Pancevo
Obradovic Nikola - Pancevo
Obradovic Zoran - Pancevo
Slobodan Shintai - Pancevo
Dejan Milanovic - Pancevo
Vlada Petrovic - Krusevac
Arsic Bratislav - Krusevac
Bogicevic Ivana - Krusevac
Sapundzic Nemanja - Krusevac
Andrea Bogicevic - Krusevac
Ljiljana Djordjevic - Krusevac
Nakic Rade - Krusevac
Ivab Arsic - Krusevac
Marko Ilic - Krusevac
Ivana Arsic - Krusevac
Slavko radosevic - Krusevac
Katarina Nikolic - Krusevac
Igor Vukelic - Krusevac
Dabetic - Smederevo
Marko Stoiljkovic - Smederevo
Petar Cukovic - Smederevo
Nemanja Miladinovic - Smederevo
Vladan Vukovic - Smederevo
Aleksandar Radojkovic - Smederevo
Sreten Zdravkovic - Smederevo
Nemanja Jevtovic - Gornji Milanovac
Veljko Randjelovic - Mladenovac
Milic Randjelovic - Mladenovac
Marko Tesovic - Sokobanja
Tamara Tesovic - Sokobanja
Miljan Tesovic - Sokobanja
Ivan Ilic - Sokobanja
Milos Markovic - Sokobanja
Jelena Lazovic - Kragujevac
Aleksandar Lazovic - Kragujevac
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