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 The Cretan hound (Kretikos Lagonikos)

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The Cretan hound (Kretikos Lagonikos)

"Aris Minois"

Primitive hunting dog, middle sized, with light body structure and powerful muscular development, producing a dog of high speed and agility, with quick reflexes and light movement.

"Ariadne Minois"

Devoted, obedient and affectionate with his family, with balanced character and really ennobled in the house. Robust with hardy constitution and strong physique, high perception, versatility and vivid temperament: a true athlete.

"Ino Minois"

Cretan Hound is specialized at hare hunting, performing outstanding flushing and very fast chasing of the hare, able even of capturing it. He works for many hours in difficult terrain and under adverse circumstances, using all his senses.

"Afro Minois"

Cretan Hound follows the scent trail silently but quickly and with outstanding style, giving voice only during the chase, which is thin, bemoaning and rather low in volume. He works alone or in a group, always in contact and co-operation with his master.

With proper handling Cretan Hound is easily trained in obedience and hunting, as long as he receives love and care from his owner.
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The Cretan hound (Kretikos Lagonikos)
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